Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander

What did I think? I think I stayed up way too late and way too long trying to finish the book and I’m not certain if that was because I was engaged or just wanted to be finished. I like the beginning, of the book, I really was invested in Austin Glass from the beginning. I love his inner voice and he is really funny and interesting.

It took a long time to get to everything mentioned in the first line of the blurb and I started to get antsy about halfway through. There was so much building that I was actually surprised and how confusing some of details of the case became. It took forever for the mystery to really even start and then even longer for all the pieces to unfold. Some of the pieces felt really unnecessary or excessive with the the need to be a deeper layer of these guys. 

*spoiler* The main things I’m talking about are: The whole Russian mob angle and all the witness protected parents and such. Austin’ little brother that he needs to adopt after making peace (of sorts) with his estranged mother. And Austin and Peter continually talking in circles about their relationship*/spoiler*

And some are glossed or sped over. 

*spoiler* Like Jesse or the entire case. So Joe was gay? Joe was a dirty cop? Is that why his partner cut ties after Joe retired. And the money laundering and the human trafficking… and Alvarado and all the dirty cops… And Darryl and Peter and Peter not really liking guys… For all that we found out, we really didn’t get to know Peter very well.*/spoiler* 

There was just a lot going on.

By the time I got to page 250/300 (my ebook had 392 pages) I stayed up and just wanted to be done. That’s when everything just started to drag to me. Austin and Peter ended up in this never ending loop of love/distrust/truth/ lies. Desmond Glass. Random exes. I know, expressing any dislike makes me the odd man out, but I really did like. I just didn’t think it was perfect. I look forward to reading the next one. I really like Cai and I hope his book clears up some of the parts that were fuzzy for me.

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Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman

I read this after finishing the Netflix series and I really enjoyed it. Meaning I found it very interesting. While it is really clear that the series took the basic facts and then abandoned the book, there were some scenes that were exact. Mostly all featured in the first episode of the series.

Beyond the series, the book is really an outsiders view of prison. And how this particular woman found her way through it. It is also fascinating how she ended up there in the first place. This is a story that if I just saw I wouldn’t believe it was true… except it is. I just wish this book had been narrated by Piper herself.

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